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What is Pocket Grief?

Pocket Grief is a little idea one person  developed after suffering a huge loss. We created keepsake sized books about grief for you to carry with you, wherever you go. If you or someone you care about are in the grocery store or waiting for the bus or at a big important event and get hit with a grief attack you can pull this book out and know you are not alone. It is like a visual and linguistic meditation on the experience of grief.


Grief is one of the universal human experiences if you allow yourself to love. When grief happens to you the world doesn't stop, it keeps going on all around you. 


We hope it helps you or someone who needs it.

A person looking out the window of a dark room.

Our Mission

When a death first occurs survivors are often surrounded by love, friends, and lots of casseroles. Eventually the grievers are left alone in their new, often unwanted life.


These books were created because grief happens when you least expect it. These books were made with love by grievers for fellow grievers. Our hope is the books are like having a loving friend in your pocket.

A picture of the author, Kim Shute.

Kim Shute, Author

​Kim Shute has experienced loss first hand after her husband died suddenly of Leukemia at the age of 48. Kim was a stay at home, homeschooling mother for seventeen years. She has a B.A. in theatre/dance and a M.F.A. in Performance Arts. Kim works for Memorial Funeral Homes in Newport, Rhode Island where she realized the importance of grief work and support. She wants to share little bits of wisdom to help others feel understood and less alone in this part of life called grief. She lives in Berlin (pronounced BUR-lynn), Massachusetts with her partner and "stepson".

A picture of the artist, Victoria Gaisford.

Victoria Gaisford, Illustrator

Born in Oakland in 1980, Victoria Gaisford is a mom of four awesome kids, a Sunday School teacher, and an amateur artist. This is her first foray into illustration. She was honored to work with the powerful wisdom of Kim Shute's words.

An artistic rendering of people lovingly tending a small plant.
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